Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleansing System Review

The Sienna Luna Plus might differ from other steam mops you’ve ever seen. This steam cleaner utilizes the power of sonic micro-pulse vibration innovation to raise stuck-on dirt as the mop goes throughout the flooring, which is especially useful on harder-to-clean surface areas like textured vinyl or stone. You can pick from 3 output levels on the quick-heating steam mop to develop the perfect quantity of steam for any cleaning job.  The Best Floor Cleaners will go over all the important items in this Sienna Luna Plus review.

Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System Features in a Nutshell

— Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology.
— 3 levels of Steam Control.
— 212 ° F Steam Temperatures.
— Steam mop floorings, windows, countertops, and many more.

The system has actually LED lights to assist you to see in dark corners and areas, and it can base on its own for simple storage. The versatile extension hose pipe permits you to utilize the steam cleaner as a portable system in order to sterilize counter tops, vehicle interiors, and many more surface areas. Plus, the Luna Plus includes a variety of bonuses such as a 12-piece tool set, microfiber pads, storage bag and carpet glider.

Leveled Steam Output

For regular cleansing, pick the low-steam dust mode by pushing the steam setting on the back-lit digital control panel. Moderate areas that need a greater quantity of steam that is adjustable by the mop mode, and the grimiest of messes are no match for the scrub mode. And you can even connect the carpet glider to utilize steam on your house’s carpeted locations.

No-Touch Scrubbing

Sienna is the very first producer to integrate the sterilizing power of a steam mop with the scrubbing capability of sonic micro-pulse vibrations. The Luna Plus produces 5,400 vibrations per minute in order to loosen up persistent dirt and compounds from sealed surface areas like marble, ceramic, vinyl and woods.

Versatility and Visibility

Given that the steam mop has a low profile and 180-degree swivel head, you can clean up under your furnishings and in hard-to-reach locations. The Luna Plus’ extension hose pipe changes the steam mop into a portable steam cleaner. Washable microfiber pads and numerous brushes, as well as a window squeegee and other devices, work together to develop a steam cleaning system for your whole house.

Sienna Luna Plus Pros and Cons

PROS: Adjustable steam levels make it possible to customize settings to fit various messes.

CONS: The mop head is tall and does not turn as easily as some others for cleaning up difficult situations.

DECISION: The Sienna Luna Plus is one of the best cleaners out there.  It is easy to use, and all of the consisted of devices make it possible to tidy far more than floorings.

The Sienna Luna Plus is an effective item that showed itself a strong rival in our steam mop evaluations. This flooring cleaner utilizes vibration to assist loosen up dirt and enables you to change steam levels to tidy up various kinds of messes. This system includes a host of tools to make it valuable for cleaning up more than simply floorings, too, which can make it an even much better financial investment if you want to utilize steam on countertops, windows, and other surface areas.

Sienna Luna Plus Alternatives

Once again we want to give you the best guidance when buying a floor cleaning product so we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you alternatives.  You can check out the full reviews of the Orek Stem and the McCulloch Mc1275 by clicking on the links.

If you are looking for our top steam cleaners you can read more about them here.  Another good thing to look at is robot vacuums and traditional vacuums.

The very best steam mops are those that clean up even the stuck-on spills with ease. The Sienna Luna did a fantastic task on the mustard, soda, spaghetti sauce and orange juice we let dry on our test cooking area floorings, clearing them with the third-fewest passes in general.

This mop has a typical runtime when compared with comparable systems. We got it to clean up for 24 minutes constantly.

See What Others Say About It

The Sienna Luna Plus is good in regards to maneuverability, though the mop head has a rather high profile, makings it a little more difficult to obtain under actually low ledges. It does not turn totally to be sideways as it goes under specific barriers like some other flooring cleaners do. This mop ties for the best cleansing course in our lineup, which indicates it can cover more ground, quicker, however, the bigger head can cut into maneuverability, too, if you have to enter a narrow passage.

This mop is terrific for multitasking. It has tools for cleaning up mirrors, stovetops, grout and even drapes.

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