Shark Rocket Light Review-Can you Beat this Stick?

If you’re familiar with the Dyson DC series vacuums this is the intensified and corded variation of it, just it is produced by a various business, Shark.  They’re generally marketing it as an ultra-lightweight upright/stick vacuum considering that it just weighs 8 pounds.  Shark declares that this will carry out much better than a DC40 on deep cleansing tests on carpet and early evaluations from customers appear to verify this. We will let you know what we feel in this Shark Rocket Light Review.

Exactly what’s fantastic about this is that it will never ever lack juice considering that it is a corded system, the disadvantage is, it has a cable.  At simply a great price, this might be a good deal for individuals who might not manage a Dyson, however, desire comparable performance that is something light-weight and flexible that has terrific cleansing abilities.

Let’s see how this cleaner carries out in the real life.

Features of the Shark Rocket Light

Makes use of with a “never ever loses suction” cyclonic innovation.
32 foot power cable.
Features a TruePet Motorized brush.
Tough flooring genie works usages suction and a microfiber towel to tidy bare flooring.
Has 10 LED headlights on the flooring base.
Likewise has a crevice and brush tool.
2 foam filters (both are washable).


Light-weight– weighs simply under 8 pounds.
Strong suction and efficient in deep cleansing carpets.
Specifically created to tidy family pet hair.
Has brilliant LED lights.
Versatile– efficient in cleaning up floorings all the method to the ceiling.
Long 32 foot power cable.
Has swivel steering.
Dust cup can be lost from the motor for simpler disposal.


Little dirt cup capability when you compare it to other uprights.
Does not base on its own.
The long power cable is troublesome for fast tidy up.
Has a high-pitched whistling noise that can be annoying.
No HEPA filtering.
Plastic tube– does not last as long as the aluminum tube of a Dyson.
Does not rotate in addition to a Dyson DC44 or a DC59.
You can not eliminate accessories from the tool holder with one hand and it looks lightweight (made from plastic).

Full Shark Rocket Light Rundown

The very first thing you’ll see with this vacuum is it appears like a Dyson DC44 just larger and in various colors. There are 2 versions to pick from the HV321 and the HV322, both have the exact same motor and functions, the only distinction is the HV322 features a specialized mini motorized brush to tidy family pet hair off upholstery and stairs.

Have a look at this video to see exactly what you obtain from the HV321 …

Even though Shark markets this as an upright, it will have a tough time matching its efficiency due to the fact that it has a little dirt cup. And clearing it though not tough can be untidy and you’ll desire fewer trips to the bin as possible.


It does not have any HEPA filtering so prevent this if you have allergic reactions. It includes accessories like the crevice and brush tool for above the flooring cleansing. Likewise, it features the so-called tough flooring genie that appears like this.

Tough Floor Tool

It looks strangely just like the Dyson.

Bare Floor Performance

It features 2 tools for cleaning up bare flooring. The primary flooring accessory has a brush roll that cannot be shut off however it can be set at setting “1” so it does not spin as quick and not harm fragile tough flooring surface areas.

How it carries out on bare flooring …

Another tool is the flooring genie that does not have a motorized brush however just counts on suction to get dirt on difficult surface areas.

Likewise connected to it is a microfiber fabric comparable that of a Dyson Hard that in theory cleans the flooring tidy however if you clean up a big location it might get unclean truly fast and you ‘d need to clean it so it can be a problem.

Carpet Performance

When cleaning up carpet flooring, you need to set it as setting “2” or limit setting so that the beater bar will have the ability to dig in and deep tidy carpet. Based upon video and composed evaluations it does a great task on rug and carpet.

Here’s a video of it in action

Something to keep in mind about the swivel guiding, however, while it can rotate it does not rotate all the method to a 90-degree angle like a Dyson does, it rotates just to a 45-degree angle so do not anticipate Dyson like efficiency in regards to maneuverability.

Upholstery Performance

In addition to the crevice and cleaning brush tool that tidy lose dirt, it features a TruePet motorized brush that will work well on upholstery. It will get ingrained dirt like animal hair on material upholstery. Take note that this will be just offered on the HV322.

Family pet Hair Removal

That exact same TruePet motorized brush will work well in getting rid of family pet hair on upholstery. On stairs, you can utilize the TruePet brush or connect the primary flooring tool straight to the motor for more deep cleansing.

Another tool you can utilize for cleansing animal hair is the upholstery tool that has material strips on both sides to upset and get hair on upholstery, drapes or bed sheets.

Accessories, Accessories

It features an overall of 5– (1) 12″ crevice tool, (2) cleaning brush, (3) TruePet Motorized brush, (4) upholstery tool, (5) extension wand.

Cable Length

Power cable is 32 feet long however it does not have cable rewind.

Filter Cleanup

There are 2 foam filters that you have to tidy up. Both are stacked on top of one another and can be accessed by eliminating the cover on the motor. Both need to be cleaned a minimum of when a month or more depending on just how much you utilize the vacuum.


It includes a 5 year maker’s service warranty.

Shark Rocket Light Owner Reviews

This item has actually gotten mainly favorable evaluations from Amazon regardless of my hesitation primarily due to the fact that it did such an excellent task cleansing carpet.

In accordance with the majority of the evaluations, it is maneuverable and gets a heap, even pet owners enjoy how it tidied up pet hair on the carpet.

Some customers even compared this with Dyson’s 2-in-1, the DC series and stated they would choose this over the Dyson since it was less expensive and they didn’t need to stress over the battery going out.

It likewise exceeds other 2-in-1s in regards to cleaning up efficiency however one issue with this is the little dirt cup that fills quick.

Some individuals stated that it filled so quickly that they didn’t observe that it was currently complete so regular journeys to the trash bin is essential when you utilize this.

The accessory clip is a great addition however some individuals have actually grumbled that it is not developed well– accessories cannot be gotten rid of with one hand and the bottom accessory falls off rather quickly (you’ll see this in the video above).

It likewise does not base on its own due to the fact that the motor is heavy, you ‘d need to eliminate the motor from the wand and connect it on a holder situated on the bottom part of the wand prior to saving it.

Likewise, the cable is long and prior to utilizing it, you’ll have to get rid of the motor initially prior to removing cable which is a little bit of a trouble, however, customers didn’t appear to mind it at all.

The tough flooring accessory is a good addition and one customer offered a suggestion in utilizing it– do not go back and forth with it, just move forward so it does not streak.

Upkeep appears to be simple. You have to clean the 2 filters once a month and cut off the hair off the motorized brush.

If you have great deals of animals opt for this, if not then opt for the HV321 that does not have the mini motorized tool accessory and conserve around $30 or two.

See What Others Say About It


The very best rate I discovered online remained in Amazon where this costs less than the Dyson. Bed Bath and Beyond likewise offers this at the exact same price.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Competition

Of course here at the Best Floor Cleaners we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t let you see some other stick vacuums that you might be interested instead.  Two great ones are the Dyson V6 Animal and the Hoover Linx, both of which you can read the full review by clicking the links.  If you want to see all of our top rated stick vacuums check then out here.


This corded 2 in 1 vacuum is terrific for individuals trying to find a vacuum that weighs less than a complete sized upright however still loads the exact same cleansing power.

Bear in mind that given that the dirt cup is smaller sized, more journeys to the bin is needed so it can be a discomfort however customers didn’t appear to mind this– I believe this comes down to individual choice.

Cleaning up efficiency will not be a problem when you purchase this, however, the plastic parts can be in the long term. The primary tube is made from plastic and is susceptible to shattering so you’ll need to take care when utilizing this.

When utilized as a portable, the weight can be a concern for individuals who are weaker however you can still clean up locations like vents and ceiling fans when you utilize 2 hands. Simply do not anticipate this to be feather light– it isn’t really, it is considerably larger than a DC44.

The LED headlight (on both the flooring and portable tool) is a great addition since it offers much better presence.

In general this item is excellent worth for cash for individuals who might desire a Dyson DC59 and/or Dyson Motorhead however can not manage it.

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