Roomba 860 Review, The New Kid on the Block?

There’s a new Roomba on the block. It may be resulting in some complication. It’s not precisely “new” in terms of technology, but it does offer some engaging needs to buy. This is generally because of the lower price factor than fellow 800 series robotics.  So without further ado here is my review of the Roomba 860.  Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

While the Roomba 980 shocked the game with brand-new technology and also– most significantly– WiFi application control, the Roomba 860 is intended at putting in 2015’s collection into the center rate variety of robot proprietors.

In this review, I’m mostly covering the vital features (a lot of which are the same as other 800 vacuum bots) and after that highlight the Pros/Cons. Really feel totally free to avoid down if this is what you are looking for. Ultimately, I’ll recommend some options in a similar price variety to think about.

Trick Features of the Roomba 860

Here are a few of the key “marketing points” I’ve recognized for the Roomba 860:

Less Maintenance: In basic, the 800 series calls for dramatically less routine maintenance when as compared to the previous collection (like the 600 and also 700). Slowly however certainly, Roomba is coming to be a true “hands-free” robotic. There is still transforming of filters, brushes, vacant dirt containers and so on. when they put on out, but in basic you will not have to touch the device as much. This is in part because of the following function …

Tangle Free Extractors: Early Roomba’s had a tough time with particular particles like animal (or human) hair and different fibrous types of material. The “tangle free” extractors were presented with the 800 collections (860, 870, 880) as an enhancement. In practice, it does make a distinction for my 800 series Roomba’s. It’s still not the best system, i.e. you will certainly still have to contend with hefty pet dog hair (think matted globs of it if your pet dog is shedding a whole lot). Still, it’s a big step up over previous versions.

New AeroForce Cleaning: One of the vital upgrades for the 800 series is the new patented cleaning modern technology. It’s advertised at being up to 50% even more efficient at getting debris compared to the previous collections. It’s hard to evaluate this in the method, but from individual experience, the 800 series is absolutely much better at getting the dirt up.

5 Times the Suction: iRobot markets a much more effective vacuum “under the hood”. Generally, this holds true.

Extended Battery Life: The new battery loads that come requirement in the 800 series are a tier over the older series. The “XLife” lithium loads last considerably longer so you will not have to change the battery as much (iRobot quotes “twice as much” probably as compared to the 600 and 700 series).

Advanced Scheduling: Like all Roomba’s, the 860 can be established up to work on a set routine. You could have it run once a week or day-to-day as needed at certain times (for example: when you go to your job or scheduled gym trip).

Different Colors: Every as soon as in a while Roomba brings out a various shade vacuum cleaner. The gray is various type the common monotone black, so if you are OCD as well as require your gray robotic to match your gray spirit, this is a plus!

Roomba 860 evaluation

Pros– (Good) Things That Really Stood Out

Much better Clean: Overall, the advancing renovations have actually made the Roomba 860 (as well as 800 collections in its entirety), far better. You could clean up less frequently, due to the fact that the Roomba does a far better work the very first time through.

Better Suction: This is comparable to the aforementioned “pro”, yet the suction is visibly extra powerful compared to the previous collection. When robotic vacuums initially came out, they were plainly not on par with the suction of standard upright vacs. Today, with crawlers like the 860, the difference is certainly much less stark. It’s not totally unreasonable to anticipate robots to completely reach standard vacuums within the next 3 years.

Return to Base: I enjoy that these robots are now clever enough to go back to base when they acknowledge their battery is reduced. It will go back and dock on its very own. There was numerous a time when I would certainly have to go “find” my stalled out Roomba 560 or 650 and by hand plunk it back on its charging dock.

Appealing Pricing: This is perhaps the primary reason iRobot determined to release the 860 when it did. With the Roomba 980 leading the marketplace with its price and also the 880 still not much more costly compared to rivals, the 860 slots in at a much lower price (specifically offered below). This places it right in the array of the Botvac “D” collection. Generally, the Roomba has actually always led the competitors on cost. The 860 is likewise now available from Amazon.

Disadvantages– (Bad) Things I Wish Were Improved

Wifi App: It’s still kind of frustrating that iRobot hasn’t already made WiFi control available for older series. The Roomba 980 is awesome partly due to the fact that it has it … however, it’s virtually double the cost! To be reasonable, a 3rd party firm called has actually established a Thinking Cleaner Faceplate for the 500 as well as 600 series (see my take below) and also remains in development for a similar gadget for the 800 collections. Basically, it “smartify’s” your old Roomba as well as enables you to regulate it by means of a mobile application.

Minimal “Bells and also Whistles”: As you will certainly see in my “distinctions” table listed below, the Roomba 860 has the least “extras”. The core robotic is essentially the same, but you may discover on your own desiring several of the added accessories that the 870 or 880 deal.

No Remote Control: One of these “bonus” is the push-button control that comes standard with the Roomba 880 It’s not a deal-breaker for lots of people, nonetheless it can be good to stop/start or otherwise reroute your Roomba without having to leave the trainer. It’s similar to a TELEVISION remote and it does not feature the 860 or 870 version.

No Return to Base/Recharge AND Resume: This was another one of the functions I’ve actually liked concerning the new Roomba 980. You don’t have to manually resume the cleaning cycle. While the 800 series is smart sufficient to go home as well as dock when it’s short on juice, it’s not wise sufficient to resume where it ended by itself. This implies it’s a tad little bit much more “practical” compared to the most up to date 900 series.

Still Bumps Around Randomly: iRobot improved this with the 980, but the 860 still seems like it jumps around haphazardly as it cleanses. There is a technique to the insanity as the modern technology makes sure fully is cleaned up completely, however it could be a little bit nerve wrecking to enjoy.

Battery Run-Time is About the Same: Despite the brand-new battery packs, I really did not see any type of discernible difference in terms of the real run-time for a tidy. That’s a little unsatisfactory. You would assume that battery technology is just one of the simpler points to boost.

Corners Are Still 50/50: One of the primary knocks on Roomba is that– because of their circular design– it’s more difficult for them to effectively tidy edges. This is among the essential distinctions in between the Neato Botvac brand vs Roomba. While I have seen the 800 collection is much better at hugging the baseboards, corners still get a little less love. It’s this type of thing that is irritating because these are typically the “difficult to obtain” places to do manually. Still, if the Roomba is the 95% service, this is the 5% I could still gripe about.

Exactly What’s The Difference Between 860 vs 870 vs 880?

This is a fairly typical question I obtain. The short response is nothing in regards to the tool itself. The key distinctions are the “plans” they come in, i.e. the devices.

Depending on your requirements, this can equate to a far better value as opposed to acquiring the various accessories independently.

All of them come with a charging base.  and an extra HEPA filter.  The 860 only comes with one virtual wall, while the 870 and 880 both come with 2.  Finally, the only one that has remote control is the 880.

Don’t Just Take My Word See What Others Think

Roomba 860 Alternatives to Consider

If you are anything like me, after that you are most likely curious about just what the other alternatives are in an equivalent price array. This is just how I typically make my getting choices, as soon as I specify my personal spending plan.

Roomba 880: Here are the highlights … This is the top of the line for the 800 series. Since this writing, it’s the “second best” package to acquire in regards to features right after the Roomba 980. As you could see from the table over, the remote and also extra online walls are wonderful benefit functions. The downside? It’s a lot more expensive as a whole but see below for the most recent discounts.

Botvac D80: I’ve assessed it completely here, but below are the highlights. The Neato Botvac D80 wants the exact same target audience as the 860. Its rate point is practically similar (check right here). The D80 is extremely comparable in terms of performance, with a few exemptions. Namely, it is far better at cleaning up the edges because of its special layout. It additionally has an intuitive touch screen display which is a little bit a lot more user pleasant for interacting (error troubleshooting, etc.). It’s likewise exceptionally arranged and also doesn’t feature the arbitrary zig-zagging of the Roomba.

Roomba 770: Here is a breakdown of this one and see prices here. It’s starting to really feel a little dated, however, the 770 is among iRobot’s ideal selling designs of perpetuity. The primary differences are that it is not as efficient cleaning up debris (no AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning) and also it does not have the clever brand-new tangle free extractors. In other words, it calls for a bit a lot more maintenance. Why do I like it? It’s  cheaper. If this is your initial Roomba, it’s a much more inexpensive beginning point. Be sure to inspect this listing for the current discount rates.

Final Take– Is the 860 a Good Value?

I certainly noted a lot of “disadvantages” in this evaluation, however, don’t be frightened off by them. I’m a geek so I have the tendency to be very crucial. Overall, the Roomba is still a remarkable convenience that I would not intend to live without. The 860 is significantly in advance of its older siblings (namely the 600 and 700 series), however, you no longer need to pay as much of a premium for it.

If you are searching for the most effective overall worth (value), the 860 is probably ideal in the pleasant place. It offered by means of iRobot at this listing here, however, it’s additionally recently been released on Amazon right here.

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