Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Review– Less Costly Than Roomba, But Just As Good?

The Pure Clean Robot Vacuum does not look a million miles away in design terms to its arch competitor the Roomba. Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

Nevertheless, this device is focused on the marketplace for hardwood, linoleum, ceramic tile, as well as hard, inconspicuous carpetings and also floors. The reason for that is that it utilizes sweeping as opposed to vacuuming to do the job, which discusses why it is a great deal less expensive than
a Roomba.

That provides it a quite good USP as many houses removal away from carpets to an additional flooring to avoid dirt and allergy problems. Numerous individuals likewise can’t pay for a Roomba yet would certainly still like an automated device in order to help clean up.

The low profile indicates it could duck under the majority of furniture, yet it looks like you’ll still need to block off the staircases or any type of elevation modifications as it may drop or obtain stuck.


Available in eco-friendly or white, the Pure Clean is available at a reasonable price. For the most recent prices and also price cuts, check here in a package with an additional brush as well as a charger.

Like the Roomba, it can supply a capacity to cleanse the flooring at your convenience, with self-programming as well as path navigation, obstacle detection and also easy to
tidy bin.

The unit dimensions are 11.3 X 11.3 X 2.3 inches yet in spite of the name, this is, in fact, a robotic sweeper without any vacuuming power. Fairly how they escaped that we’re not sure, however, its sweeping device is very reliable at choosing up hair and also dust, as well as side brushes, help draw particles in from around the edges.

It has 3 setups for cleansing runs, with 10 mins, 20 min or maximum tidy modes, as long as your flooring is continuous (i.e., without rugs or risers) it can do a good task browsing. Unlike the Roomba, when it runs out of power you’ll need to pick it up by hand plug it in to charge up.

Pros of the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum

Presuming you have a rather vacant room then the Pure Clean does a good task of rolling about sweeping up the dirt. It is very easy sufficient to clear out as well as the charge to get ready for the following run, and in the majority of homes that should suffice making this a welcome addition to the war on dirt.

With a respectable battery, it could also run for longer compared to a vacuum cleaner robot, so it will not be nipping off to charge every half an hour.

Nevertheless, if you’ve ever been impressed by the capabilities and also the power of a Roomba it could leave you really feeling a little underwhelmed, however then again countless people don’t also know just what a Roomba is.

Reduced those assumptions, as well as this, might not exactly be cutting edge wise residence tech, however, it could assist take several of the strain off the day-to-day clean. One more benefit is that while it might require the odd replacement brush, we believe this will be a little bit easier on consumables compared to its a lot more effective rivals.

Disadvantages of the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum

The Pure Clean’s sensors do not seem rather up to those of its more expensive competitors, so it is more susceptible to obtaining stuck, beaching itself or evidently obtaining overwhelmed and also requiring a reset.

It likewise has a tendency to continue in an instead arbitrary style, so isn’t really specifically most likely to have the maximum path to cleanse a space in the fastest time.

Offered that it lacks vacuum cleaner power, the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum isn’t really going to pick every little thing up, yet perhaps in combination with a normal run around with a Dyson or other power cleaner, it could assist maintain the floor tidy.

Absolutely, it does not rather do sufficient of a work for those who obsess regarding clean floors or bother with dust as well as allergic reactions.

The Pure Clean comes with a 1-year service warranty and also you could want to make certain you complete the on the internet warranty card, as plenty of people appear to have had problems with their device, although the client solution appears
very good.

Additionally, it is not clever adequate to prevent pools or little youngster or family pet “mishaps” so that recognizes what takes place if that stuff obtains into the mechanics.

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There are now great deals on less expensive tools around on the market declaring to be a low-cost choice to the Roomba array. As well as, as you would certainly anticipate, few of them get anywhere close. However, as a spending plan alternative, the Pure Clean appears
quite well.

Sure, it is only a sweeper, yet that offers it better battery life and because difficult floors are much easier to cleanse, then it can do a pretty task.

Naturally, if you have the budget, you would certainly go Roomba, or one of the other high flying items, however, for the rest of us, the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum appears like a rather efficient as well as efficient choice.

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