Neato D80 Review-To “D” or not to “D”?

Neato introduced a new array of Botvacs back in summer 2015, from the child of the array D75 see the price here to the uprated filtering power of the D80 as well as D85 versions for those with pet dogs, or who are more conscious dirt and allergens. Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

In this contrast, we see just how the new D80 compares with in 2014’s plain old Botvac 80 design and see if any of the improvements, new functions as well as other upgrades make it a rewarding financial investment, specifically as the cost of the older models is sure to go down.

The 80 versions include a single high-performance (HEPA) filter to trap more of the dust and particles that may aggravate asthma sufferers or those with hay fever. They additionally feature a combination brush to deal with multiple surfaces like wood floorings as well as carpetings with best outcomes.

Secret Features Between the 80 as well as D80

Botvac 80

The Botvac 80 and also D80 are generally comparable in their clever attributes with a comparable screen to establish the cleaning runs, comparable laser modern technology and clever shows to efficiently direct the device around the spaces with a minimum of wasted time or power.

Both can be updated by utilizing a USB cable television to download a firmware update, these could include boosted smarts to the devices, from much better battery management to various other performance improvements. Both featured a black plastic dock that connects to the wall, and they do a neat little wiggle to connect themselves in, which while most likely not strictly needed does provide a cool little bit of character.

Botvac D80

The Botvac D80 gain from a redesign that makes it look a lot more modern, and also somewhat much less like an old restroom heater. The coloring is additionally a bit more of a statement, the older version’s aesthetic made it look more extra like a stitching machine, while this set will certainly look excellent in any type of contemporary house.

Likewise, the new Neato buttons resemble it belongs in a clever residence, changing the item of plastic tat on the old design Past the looks, the new style of the brush will certainly help grab even more fluff and dirt, while the remainder is practically a repeat of in 2015’s model.


The D80 wins mainly via the brand-new brush and the much better designing, however with only one useful attribute different in between them. There truly isn’t much in it.

Installment: Both tools are plug in and play. You charge them up overnight prior to initial use, as well as allow them to go to find out the very best route. All you have to do is set the pen tape up to prevent them going anywhere they shouldn’t.

Timer: Establishing the timer is the issue of some taps on the function switches, it’s a shame there’s no mobile phone assistance yet, yet that can not be much behind. Updating is just an issue of connecting in the USB cable as well as linking to the site, registering your Vacbot and seeing if there’s new firmware.

Updates: Recent updates have included better battery administration, and also can include more features in the future, however, there is rarely anything objective essential they could alter. Clearly, there’s little differentiation right here, so this section is a tie.

In use, they’re both great at getting the edges with their side brushes and also have effective motors to actually gobble the dust. In spite of the lasers and also markers, they can bump into the strange furniture piece, so be on guard the very first few times you utilize it, to make certain absolutely nothing beneficial gets knocked over by their bulk.

Advantages and disadvantages of Both

Botvac 80

The Botvac 80 is now the cheaper choice, with numerous retailers knocking  off a small amount from the initial cost, you could possibly discover a far better deal by excavating around or waiting on a significant sale. Because it’s primarily the looks that have actually boosted on its follower, there’s a little factor to neglect that conserving if you’re after a high-quality robot vacuum on a budget.

Both models have the side-spinning brushes to get dust into the equipment from past the edges, or even though the newer design has a far better brush, you would certainly be hard pressed to tell the distinction via an aesthetic assessment.

Botvac D80

The Botvac D80 does look much better, with a tip much more designing, it’ll look fantastic in any type of area a little bit of black designing to the furnishings. In sensible terms the brand-new brush style can help those who have a severe trouble with dust and plant pollen, otherwise, this is a modest upgrade from the initial edition.

Theoretically, it is likewise the quieter alternative with enhanced brush design to reduce the sound, yet given that many times it will be running while you are out (surely the purpose of purchasing these gizmos), that’s possibly not as much a perk as Neato believes it is.

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Last Recommendation– Which is the Better Purchase?

If you like a deal, as in half the cost of a Roomba, The original Neato Botvac 80 is possibly the one to opt for. Nevertheless, if you desire the current as well as the very best, or have genuine concerns with allergic reactions, or simply desire your floor to be the cleanest it can be, after that the D80– or its much more over-filtered D85 relative– will be the one for you.

For very little even more money, the power and also refined redesign of the D80 is actually pretty excellent and also with the somewhat quieter operation, it might be much more sensible around a busy residence. Naturally, if you constantly wanted one for upstairs and one for downstairs, you could get the brand-new one as well as have a completely clean residence with also much less initiative.

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