ILIFE V3 Review-Is It For Your Life?

When I initially searched for a robot hoover I was startled by the costs. None of the functions I wanted were available for under $500. That’s why I had an interest in ILIFE. It brushes up and also wipes, grabs pet dog hair, gets under most furniture, comes with a remote, is rather quiet as well as all for WELL under $500! Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

In what adheres to, I’m most likely to assess the crucial functions of the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum, then highlight its benefits and drawbacks. Even though the V3s is reasonably valued, I’m going to talk about options to the item that is in a similar rate range. Finally, I will certainly inform you if I would advise the product as well as why.

Key Features of the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
To begin with, allow’s have a look at the key specifications:

Vacuum cleaners and Mops: The ILIFE V3s not only cleans up carpet, hardwood and also tile, it wipes as well.
Choices Up Pet Hair: Pet hair can be difficult for robotic vacuum cleaners to tidy, however, the ILIFE V3s gets rid of pet hair from both carpeting and hardwood.

Low Profile: Since the V3s is just 3 inches high, it is able to maneuver under even the most affordable furnishings. Likewise, the vacuum is much less most likely to obtain trapped under the lower lip of home appliances.
Comes With a Remote: Use the remote to arrange cleaning, overview the vacuum to a particular place, or send it back to recharge itself.

Quiet: The V3s is silent, so peaceful you don’t need to run it when you’re out. Watch TV, have a discussion, this vacuum won’t muffle all other audio.

Pros– Things I Like

Simple configuration: I got the V3s operating in concerning 5 minutes without speaking with the manual.

Silent: I have seen the Roomba 595 and that I would certainly not define as silent. I can’t enjoy TV or talk on my cell while the vacuum is functioning. I can with ILIFE. Given, I needed to turn the TV up a little, yet I had no difficulty hearing it over the sound of the maker. A wonderful attribute.

Overall Function: Functions well on tile, hardwood as well as short heap rug: In my examinations, the ILIFE V3s did as well as my Roomba on ceramic tile and hardwood. On the low pile carpet, it did great as well however it wasn’t just as good as my Roomba on rugs with a deep stack. Remember, though, that my Roomba retails for around $600 while the ILIFE retails for about $159 since this writing (check here for most current). I would certainly be deeply questionable if there had not been something my three-times-as-expensive Roomba did better!

Has a Remote: I liked utilizing the ILIFE’s remote to route the vacuum. I need to get as well as place my Roomba if there’s a specific place I desire it to focus on, yet with ILIFE I just utilized the remote to assist it. And also, of course, you can also make use of the remote to do the usual things such as routine cleaning and also telling the V3s to return to its charging terminal.

Vacuums as well as Mops: ILIFE’s V3s is a rarity: it vacuums and sponges. Provided, it does not provide the floor a comprehensive scrubbing yet frequently all I desire is to wipe it down. When I initially checked out that the V3s mopped I expected it would certainly have some type of a reservoir container for liquid however that isn’t the type of mopping the V3s does. The unit includes a detachable towel affixed to the undercarriage. This towel can be damp and made use of to clean one’s hardwood floors. I think it’s remarkable that I could use the vacuum to wipe down my floors, though I have the tendency to think about that as wiping as opposed to mopping. On the other hand, if you don’t have wood or floor tile floors, the fabric could be conveniently gotten rid of from the undercarriage. Overall it is a wonderful function.

Animal Hair: The ILIFE V3s does an excellent job grabbing pet dog hair from wood, laminate or tile, but it did have a couple of concerns on deep heap carpeting. That stated the vacuum cleaner is currently much cheaper than other products of its kind.  So it comes as not a surprise that it’s not as good at cleaning as the Roomba 650 which is greater than increase the rate.

Battery Life: The noted battery life is one hour forty mins, yet in my examinations, it lasted nearly two hours.

Cons– Things I Could Do Without

Problem locating the charging terminal: Of the 10 trials, the vacuum cleaner didn’t locate its means back to the billing terminal four times. Even more, the moments it did discover its way residence, it was a few feet away from the battery charger but was headed more-or-less towards it. If I told the V3s to return house while it remained in an additional space, it had not been able to. For me, provided the cost as well as all the various other things it does well, this isn’t terribly important.

Audio Signal: Did not always send out an audio when it was stuck: Usually, robotic vacuum cleaners make an audio sound when they are stuck, a type of plaintive electronic call for help. Which excels, otherwise the robot could keep rotating its wheels, squandering its battery, and possibly even harm itself. However, however, I discovered that the ILIFE V3s didn’t constantly make a distress noise when it was stuck. Instead, it would certainly rotate its wheels in a futile effort to obtain itself totally free.

Randomness: It seemed as though the ILIFE V3s spent 20 percent of its time vacuuming 80 percent of the flooring and 80 percent of its time vacuuming 20 percent of the flooring. But, despite this, total it did a good job picking up also heavier dust such as ground walnut. “Random” cleansing patterns have actually been an objection of other robots like older Roomba’s, nonetheless, there is logic to the chaos with these. Personally, I was cynical that there was any type of kind of mapping happening with the ILIFE.

The ILIFE V3s vs the Rollibot B1 100 Mini Robot Vacuum vs ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Considering that among the primary marketing functions of ILIFE is its rate, I assumed it would certainly be handy to compare the V3s with two various other lower cost designs.

Read More on What Others Think

Alternatives to think about.

ILIFE is a good value, but it stands for a concession in between price and also performance, though, as we’ve seen, it does carry out extremely well. Allow’s have a look at three other vacuum cleaners that load a strike for their price point.

Rollibot B1 100 Mini Robot Vacuum.

When I saw the cost of the Rollibot I did a double-take. It’s about the same price compared to the ILIFE V3s. Is it any type of good, you ask. At the time of creating, the Rollibot has actually gained an Amazon Score of 4.3 celebrities out of 5 throughout 125 evaluations. I have not tested this version, yet the people I’ve talked with regarding it has stated that it’s is generally strong but that while it functions well on short-pile carpeting it leaves something to be desired on a long stack. Though, on the bonus side, it has a spot cleaning function where it cleans in a spiral pattern over a specifically messy location. The Roomba 595 has a comparable cleaning pattern and also I enjoy it.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

The Roomba 650 is even more than twice the cost of the ILIFE V3s, however, the Roomba 650 allows you schedule cleanings, does a good work even on deep-pile carpet, and also includes a digital wall. I could inform you from my very own experience that digital wall surfaces are incredible. Say goodbye to piling books to keep a rebellious vacuum cleaner inside an area. You can read my complete evaluation below.

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

Even more the Roomba 880 is virtually four times the cost of the V3s. Does it have 4 times the capability? While the V3s does not have Multi-Room navigating, tangle totally free particles removal, or an AeroForce ® 3-Stage Cleaning System it does a good work on wood, laminate, floor tile and short heap carpets, and all for much less! You can review my evaluation for even more details.

Last thoughts– Is the ILIFE V3s a Good Value?

The ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner demonstrates that a suitable robot vacuum cleaner can be had for a reasonable price. The ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner isn’t really the most effective vacuum around, yet it does a strong task on wood, floor tile, laminate and brief heap carpet. Additionally, it does a great task vacuuming up family pet hair.

In conclusion, I was excited with the ILIFE V3s. There are specific things it cannot succeed, so if getting pet hair from deep heap carpetings is high on your top priority list after that this may not be the vacuum cleaner for you. On the other hand, if you desire a vacuum cleaner that does a lot for a fraction of the price of other vacuums then the ILIFE V3s is worth significant consideration.

Base Line: For the rate, this is a surprisingly competent little robot. I would not place it in the exact same group as current Roomba’s or Botvacs, etc. yet it’s an excellent entry-level robot for very first time proprietors. You could check this listing for the current prices.

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