Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010 Review-Make Cleanup as Fast as a Cat?

Before I start the Hoover Linx review I have to say that I questioned if there was a cordless that would deal with carpet and fall under $200. I’m just starting out and there’s no other way that I might pay for an expensive $300 vacuum although it has all the bells and whistles.

Residing in a little house I required something that is cordless, cleans up well, charges in simply a couple of hours, has a large sufficient cleansing head so that I do not want to go back and forth many times just to make sure it is clean. It likewise needs to be simple to empty.

The Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless Stick BH50010 is among just 2 Hoover cordless vacuums in their Platinum collection that likewise consists of corded uprights and containers.

This certainly is among the more popular designs in their line of product with over 8,000 evaluations in Amazon alone and thousands more in various shopping websites.

The very best part would be the rate, this stick costs method listed below the $200 limit.

It utilizes the exact same battery as the portable Linx 50030 so this provides you reward to purchase both because they’ll match one another.

Just one of a couple of vacs in the market geared up a motorized brush roll AND edge cleansing brushes that’ll clean up floorings right approximately the edges.


Great suction power.
Cleans bare floorings, even up to the edges.
Excellent to utilize on bare flooring, carpets, and low stack carpet.
You can utilize it on animal hair.
Just weighs 7.25 pounds which light for a stick vac this high.
In one online evaluation, this just tape-recorded in at just 75 decibels so it will not harm your eardrums.
Easy to clean.
The foam filter is washable.
It does run fade complimentary for the majority of the charge cycle around 87– 90% then it gradually wanes.
The power switch is quickly available.
Quickly shifts from difficult flooring to carpet.
It can stand by itself.
Easy to clear dirt cup.


A little too long to utilize on stairs.
You’ll get your hands filthy cleaning up the filter particularly removing hair off the baffle tube.
The base cannot rotate which restricts its movement.
Foam filter does not do an excellent task trapping dirt.
Though it can reach locations listed below furnishings, it does not go really far due to the fact that of the size of the dirt cup– one customer provided an in-depth evaluation on how far it would go– it will go under the very first 9 inches if there is at least 2-1/2″ of clearance.

Functions of the Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless Stick

The Hoover Platinum Stick is a flooring cleaner efficient in cleaning up both carpet and difficult flooring surface areas.

It has a large 11-inch cleansing course that can cover a great deal of ground. Side brushes can upset and get dirt on the edges.

If you own the Linx Pet Handheld and searching for something to clean your flooring then this is a sensible option due to the fact that both of them utilize the exact same battery.

Even if you do not own the Linx 50030 it is still a great purchase since these functions:.

Utilizes a detachable 18-volt lithium battery that takes 3 hours to charge and will last approximately 15 minutes.
Has actually a powered brush roll with its own motor.
Easy gain access to power switch situated on the deal with.
Edge cleaning bristles reach all the method to the edge.
Fold flat function permits this to reach under furnishings.
Utilizes the cyclonic system keeping dirt far from the filter.
Geared up with the trademarked WindTunnel Technology.
Transparent dirt cup lets you understand when it’s time to clear.
Wide 11″ cleaning up the course.
Provides the efficiency of an upright on difficult floorings.
Low profile base reaches more location under counter tops and furnishings.
The capability to keep an eye on battery status.

Bare Floor Performance

This is the surface area where it’ll stick out– with Hoover declaring upright efficiency.

Efficient in getting fine (powder) to medium (cereal, pet or feline food) sized pieces of dirt with relative ease. However, it’ll have some problem with those bigger ones– well most flooring vacs will have difficulty with bigger portions of dirt.

I need to alert you that big portions of particles can get captured in a tube.

It has an opening for bigger particles though it’s just a couple of inches large however this serves as a funnel for those huge pieces of dirt.

There is will some sort of a snow rake result when it concerns cleaning up bigger little bits of dirt. Tilt the head when you experience these.

One function you’ll value and thousands of others have is the edge cleansing bristles that enable this to reach edges.

You do not have to take out a portable or flex down and utilize your fingers simply to tidy dirt off the edges.

This is a problem with a lot of flooring cleaners and this function makes this one of the very best sellers.

Simply keep in mind to inspect and clean up the brush-roll routinely since if it gets too unclean it can scratch floorings and you do not desire that if you have wood, laminate or tiled floor covering.

By the way, Hoover does not suggest turning the brush-roll on when cleaning up hard flooring.

Carpet Performance

Like on bare flooring, it did a truly good task on low stack carpet, getting dirt in a couple of passes.

On a number of video evaluations I saw on Youtube, it got great particles such as baking soda to larger things like feline or pet dog food.

It will not deep tidy carpets like an upright or container or work well on actually thick carpet, however, I do not believe any of the cordless does this well.

Edge Cleaning

The stiff side brushes enable this to tidy edges to some degree.

A great function put in by Hoover that conserves you time in cleansing floorings. No have to get a portable to get dirt left here.

Family pet Hair Removal

Cleaning up animal hair on carpet or bare flooring should not be an issue since it has a brush roll.

Hair may be covering the brush roll or baffle tube. So you will have to clean up these locations from time to time.

Getting rid of hair from Baffle

The red thing you see in the photo is the baffle tube.

Accessories and Accessories

No accessories or devices consisted of simply the battery charger.

Charging Time

It takes around 3 hours to charge.

Examine the LED light to see battery status.

Strong light = Fully Charged.
Sluggish blinking = Still charging.
Quick blinking = There is a mistake, call the Hoover service center.
Keep in mind to eliminate the battery from the battery charger after charging– do not leave it on there due to the fact that it’ll reduce the lifespan.

There was a tip about utilizing an outlet timer so you can leave it on the battery charger overnight.

Filter Cleanup

Cleaning up the filter will include these actions:

  1. Remove the dirt cup from the vacuum by pushing the release button situated on top of the dirt cup.
  2. Press the empty button and empty the contents over a trash bin.
  3. Get rid of baffle tube and eliminate any particles like the hair stuck on it.
  4. Remove filter cup to see if filter requires cleansing.
  5. Clearing the dirt cup.

This system features one foam filter situated on top of the dirt cup– just wash in running water, do not utilize any cleaning agent or clean it in a dishwashing machine.

Battery Life

A bulk of owners reported a battery life of around 15 minutes on tough floorings and approximately 10 minutes on a carpet.

Evaluations in various websites validated the fade complimentary claim, it’ll run well throughout the charge cycle then at about the 2-minute mark prior to it’s empty it’ll gradually lose suction.

Hoover declares that this battery will last for around 600 to 800 charge cycles.

Service warranty

All platinum series vacuums include a 2-year service warranty.

Hoover Linx Consumer Reviews

The Linx Stick cordless had method over 8,900 evaluations from Amazon alone with a large bulk of them providing it a 5-star score.

This volume alone makes this the primary selling item in the stick vac classification.

More than a 5,500 provided this a 5-star ranking and over 1,100 offered it 4 stars– a great deal of them liked that it was light-weight, simple to utilize and has strong suction– strong sufficient to block the path between the base and cylinder as discussed in some evaluations.

See What Others Are Saying About It

Animal owners liked the efficiency on carpet however discussed how pet hair tangles up on the beater bar and baffle tube.

Among the most typical problems about this item is the battery– either it didn’t last long enough or it too soon broke.

The very first problem is run time. It will run just for 15 minutes tops with the reject. With the brush on that number decreases to 10 minutes.

2nd concern handle malfunctioning items. All electronic items will have a portion of their items categorized as a lemon. That’s the function of having a service warranty.

Some typical problems in Amazon:

Deal with (hung on by a screw) that’s shaky and breaks off after a couple of months of usage.
Battery charger breaking down.
Weak suction due to the fact that of obstruction.
Brush not working after a couple of months due to the fact that of broken wires.
Problems with client assistance.
Obstructions quickly.
Construct quality might be a problem over the long term.

Hoover Platinum Linx Alternatives

We at The Best Floor Cleaners wouldn’t do a review justice if we did not mention other alternatives to each vacuum.  Here are a couple of great alternatives you can take a look at Bissell MultiReach and the Electrolux Ergorapido; just click on the links to read the full review.  You can also take a look at our top recommendations here.


This item is terrific for Small to medium sized houses with bare flooring or low profile carpet. It’ll do an excellent task on both kinds of surface areas, quickly getting fine to medium sized particles in simply a couple of passes.  Edge cleansing likewise isn’t really an issue thanks to the side brushes.

Do not depend on this if you have thick carpets in your home because it will not do as excellent a task as it would on wood flooring or on a thinner carpet.  Due to the fact that it is over 42 inches long, it can be difficult to utilize this for cleaning stairs. You might wish to utilize a portable vacuum with a brush roll for this task.  There are some small concerns such as the little dirt bin and hair finishing up on the baffle and beater bar. However, for houses without any family pets, this is a great cordless to have.

Some customers state you get a 6-year service warranty on the vacuum, however, Hoover.com states that has a 2-year guarantee. Please call them to validate.

The brief runtime makes me reluctant to advise this as the main vacuum in houses with mainly carpet. One alternative would be purchasing an additional battery. Another would be picking another item with a lot longer runtime like the Hoover Air Cordless Lift.

In general an excellent stick vac with excellent power and good battery life, simply always remember to clean up the brush roll, baffle tube, edge bristles and tube between the body and base routinely to preserve the efficiency and extend lifespan.

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