Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Review-Mighty Might or Might Weak?

Our house has a mix of linoleum, wood, bare flooring and tiled surface area. So I would require something light-weight that I can move at the very same time has good suction to get dust, cobwebs and dust bunnies that appear to accumulate after simply a couple of days.

The Eureka 3670G is an excellent alternative for houses such as ours due to the fact that it weighs simply 8.6 pounds, and has a truly long extension wand that has great reach, enough to reach the ceiling if your house does not have a high ceiling.

This is substantial since, rather of purchasing a different vacuum for that, you’ll have the ability to conserve your cash and utilize this rather.

This is a bagged vacuum so you’ll need to purchase additional bags and this is an additional running cost over the long run.

Bags for this will cost less than a dollar per bag so it isn’t truly pricey.

Eureka advises this for houses with mainly bare flooring surface areas due to the fact that this does not have any motorized brush roll if you’re trying to find something that’ll work for family pet hair and carpet– the Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F.


Strong suction.
Weighs just 8.6 pounds.
Great for bare flooring surface areas.
Long extension wand equates to fantastic reach.
Great for individuals with breathing conditions since it is a bagged vacuum.
Has a blower function (simply in case you require it).
Includes devices that’ll assist you tidy stairs, upholstery, blinds, and so on.


Not as reliable on carpet or carpets since it does not have a motorized brush.
You have to purchase additional bags– extra expenditure with time.
Brief 1-year service warranty.
No shoulder strap.
No cable rewind.

Functions at a Glance

This light-weight canister is a little vibrant on tough surface areas thanks to the strong 12 amp motor that has strong enough suction to get dust, allergen, animal hair, animal litter, cheerios and a lot more. It does not have any motorized brush so this isn’t really matched for luxurious carpet or carpets.

Reach is another strength with detachable 2 extension wands that provides you the versatility to change length depending upon the location you wish to clean up.

Not just will it clean up floorings that likewise upholstery, vents and other difficult to reach locations that an upright will have a problem with.

Eureka 3670G Features

Geared up with an effective 12 amp motor.
Has a number of extension wands that are detachable– this offers you the versatility to change the length proper to the location you’ll clean up.
Dust bags are quickly accessed and easy to get rid of.
Includes a blower function simply in case you require a blow a couple of leaves off the front deck.
Weighs less than 9 pounds– 8.6 pounds to be specific.
Has a couple of accessories that will assist clean up difficult to reach areas of your house– crevice and mix cleaning brush/upholstery tool (both can be kept in the vacuum real estate).
20-foot power cable.
Flooring tool as a 2 setting high change for difficult surface areas and carpet or carpets.
Beneath the vacuum, you’ll discover a cable storage location for the power cable.
Flooring tool has a 10-inch cleansing course.
Keep in mind: This does not have HEPA purification however it can be bought independently or get the 3684F which currently has the HEPA filter consisted of.

Bare Floor Performance

The 3670G Might Mite will master bare flooring surface areas especially difficult wood, linoleum and tiled surfaces because of the strong suction.

On the handle there is a ring that allows you to adjust the suction for optimum performance.

This is unrefined and often you might unintentionally change the setting which has actually occurred to numerous customers who’ve left evaluations.

If you ask me, I ‘d keep the opening shut and go with full power all the time.

Carpet Performance

The lack of a motorized brush roll will restrict the efficiency on a carpet. You ‘d have the ability to tidy flat, thin stack carpet.

It will fight with anything thicker, you ‘d be much better off with the Pet hair variation of this vacuum– the 3684F that comes geared up with a motorized brush.

Customers who attempted utilized this on the carpet weren’t extremely delighted with the efficiency.

One attempted it on the carpet had to go back and forth 10 times prior to seeing any acceptable outcomes. Some have actually had success on toss carpets however it’ll work just on thin ones.

Animal Hair Removal

Once again, this will just deal with family pet hair on tough surface areas. It will have a hard time on upholstery and carpet due to the fact that it does not have any beater bar.

The mix upholstery/brush tool can get pet hair on chairs and couches however it will not be as efficient.

Accessories and Accessories

It features a crevice together with a mix brush/upholstery tool. These can be utilized in the mix with the extension wands which will assist you tidy baseboards without flexing down or going on all fours.

The extension wand likewise has adequate length to tidy cobwebs off the ceiling.

If your house is geared up with a vent on the ceiling then this vacuum is ideal for eliminating dust bunnies that will build up therein.

Cable Length

The power cable is around 20 feet long however it does not have any cable rewind function however it has a cable wrap location where you can keep the wire nicely.

Filter Clean up

Despite the fact that this is a bagged vacuum; it has a filter connected at the end of the canister that captures excess dust that might come out the other end.

This filter isn’t really HEPA ranked, however.

To obtain to the filter, press a lever to open the canister.

Get rid of the bag to get to the washable filter.

Do not be worried excessive about the cost of the bag, if you purchase it on Amazon, a pack of 9 bags will cost simply a little over $8. So that’s less than a dollar per bag.


It just includes a one year maker’s guarantee.

Client Reviews

Over three thousand individuals left evaluations in Amazon alone.

Customers liked the flexibility and suction power of this little monster that got a load. Some have actually even owned this for many years and stated it still carried out well in spite of all the bumps and falls.

The method the extension wand and accessories are developed permits you to configure this vacuum to tidy floorings and stairs without the have to flex down.

The extension wands are long enough to reach the ceiling however if you have a big house with truly high ceilings then it will not be long enough.

Another function that is popular with customers is the rotating flooring tool that assisted folks to move it around furnishings.

This function isn’t really found in many vacuums at this price point.

The majority of individuals who purchased this utilized it on tough wood, tile, and linoleum, however, there are a couple of who attempted it on a carpet and the outcomes were blended.

On medium to thick stack carpet, this will have a hard time to get ingrained dirt under the hairs.

On thin stack carpet and flat carpets, it can still get a good quantity of dirt, however, do not anticipate any deep cleansing action from this considering that it does not have any brush.

Considering that this is a little vacuum, anticipate it to be loud and customers have actually verified it. Likewise, the plastic hose pipe and accessories do not snap or lock into a location.

It depends on friction to keep it connected. This is a small issue for the long run due to the fact that these accessories can establish a fracture.

The ring/lever that manages the suction power likewise provided issues to some folks.

Some stated it was lightweight and quickly gets knocked out of location since it lies really near the manage.

This might likewise be accountable for the absence of suction that some customers grumbled about.

In spite of the unfavorable evaluations, this still is a great carrying out spending plan vacuum that will have its peculiarities, simply ensure to put it to work right away after getting it to see if suction efficiency depends on par.

See What Others Are Saying


The very best cost I discovered while sifting through online stores remained in Amazon at a great price and it features Free Shipping!

Eureka Mighty Mite Alternatives

Once again here at The Best Floor Cleaners we want to give you choices.  Two great alternatives to the Eureka Might Mite are the Miele Compact C2 Electro + and the Dyson DC39. Click on the links to read our full review.  You can also see out top canister vacuum picks here.

Conclusion on the Mighty Mite 3670G

This item would be fantastic for small to medium sized houses with primarily hard surface areas because of the effective 12 amp motor that actually sucks up the particles.

The absence of a motorized brush doomed its efficiency on carpet however it can still clean up surface area dirt from thin stacked versions.

Why then should you consider this if it just deals with bare surface areas?

Due to the fact that it is a flexible device, among just a couple of canister vacuums that works on flat surface areas, stairs, and ceilings! If your house is geared up with a ceiling fan or a vent, you’ll value the long reach.

Any house owner will inform you how difficult it is to eliminate dust bunnies of vents and cobwebs of the ceiling.

Likewise, the tools can be connected to the extension wand so if you wish to clean up the baseboards, merely get rid of the flooring tool and connect the crevice tool in its location.

Viola! You can clean up baseboards without flexing over or go on all fours. Great for folks who experience back pains.

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