Electrolux Ergorapido Review-Does it make Quick Work of Dirt?

The ErgoRapido 2-in-1 is a compact and light-weight vacuum that permits users to utilize just one item to tidy nearly whatever inside their house. It can be utilized as a stick vacuum to vacuum floorings and a hand vac to tidy whatever else.

Electrolux has 13 designs in its ErgoRapido line of light-weight 2 in 1 cordless vacuums.

The stick vacuum has the greatest motor and the longest running time however it is likewise the most costly.

You will not discover all these in Amazon– they just offer 4 of the 13 since this posts publishing, however, simply in case you wish to see them all click on this link.

Being a 2 in 1 vac, it has flexible cleansing abilities and a good run time due to the fact that of the 18 volt lithium battery in it, however, it needs to be utilized on the ideal surface area to be efficient.

It isn’t really for all users as it has some defects that I hope would be dealt with if when they launch more recent designs …

… that’s why you see many unfavorable evaluations online.


It is flexible– can be utilized as an upright or a portable.
Good run time of 30 minutes if you utilize the typical speed, however, falls to 21 minutes if you switch on the high speed choice.
Takes approximately just 4 to 5 hours to charge.
Has 2 accessories (crevice and brush) that are nicely hidden inside the charging system– less opportunity to lose them.
The semi-transparent dirt container lets you understand when to clear it.
LED light on the head offers you much better presence.
The fabric filter is washable so it conserves you on filter expenditure.
It has a charge stand that permits you to save the system in an upright position which lowers the area had to save this.
You can clean up the great fabric filter without cleaning by pulling the release string– this reduce the frequency that it has to be cleaned.
Brush roll is simple to get rid of.


The battery cannot be changed, so if it passes away the entire system is basically scrap.
Difficult to move on medium to thick carpet.
Little dirt container has to be cleared on every usage.
It is pricey for the functions (or do not have off).
Even as an upright it’ll not get bigger and chunkier particles however just press them around.
The turning brush cannot be switched off.
Without the charging stand, it will not base on its own.
This portable cannot reach tight crevices due to the fact that the accessories are too brief.

Functions of the Electrolux ErgoRapido:

The Electrolux ErgoRapido is mainly developed to be utilized on bare floorings and carpets, however, it can likewise take on

The Electrolux ErgoRapido is mainly developed to be utilized on bare floorings and carpets, however, it can likewise take on the carpet, however, do not anticipate excessive particularly if the carpet is thick.

It is geared up with a turning brush that’ll assist sweep up dirt however this function cannot be switched off.

Conserve 15% on Electrolux.

It is powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery that takes around 5 hours to charge however if you’re utilizing this for the very first time, you’ll require an entire day to charge (24 hours).

The battery lies within the body and features a charging base that permits you to save this upright.


The 18-volt lithium battery will provide you approximately Thirty Minutes of runtime (on regular speed) and 21 minutes (on high speed).
Found within the charging station are 2 accessories you can plug onto the portable– a crevice and brush tool.
Can be utilized as stick vac or portable.
Utilizes a cyclonic system to keep dirt far from the filter– making sure optimal efficiency even as the container fills.
Has a semi-transparent dirt bin offering you a visual if you have to clear it.
Head has LED headlights for much better exposure.
The cleaning head can be rotated as much as 180 degrees to assist you to navigate around tight locations in your house.
Has a battery sign that lets you understand just how much power is left.

Bare Floor Performance

This system will work best on bare flooring getting particles and dirt successfully however just to a specific level.

As I’ve seen in a number of video evaluations and in composed posts– as the dirt grows the more difficult it is to clean up.

Great for great to medium sized dirt, however, the bigger ones will not fit in the low clearance of the head, these bigger particles have the tendency to get crushed leaving more mess however you can utilize the portable though to choose those up.

Take care though if you have floorings that are quickly scratched since if the brush under the head gets unclean it can do some damage.

Examine routinely to see if it requires cleansing. The bright side is that it isn’t really tough to eliminate the brush roll.

Eliminating the brush.

Carpet Performance

On low stack as well as carpet or carpets, it should not have any issue getting fine to medium sized particles and particles.

It ends up being an issue if you utilize it on something more luxurious– it ends up being tough to boss around, practically unmovable on thick carpets generally due to the fact that it has little wheels and a low clearance that renders it ineffective on these kinds of surface areas.

Cleaning up the Edges

It will not get whatever on the edges due to the fact that the air vents or inlets are around an inch from the edge– it does not do a great task funneling dirt in this location.

A workaround for this is once again, utilizing the portable in addition to the crevice tool to get particles here.

Animal Hair Removal

There is no animal hair tool consisted of so getting rid of family pet hair on carpet can be a difficulty– it’ll pick up the majority of it, however, there will be hairs left that will have to be selected either by your hand or by a more powerful vacuum.

Do not rely on it cleaning up family pet hair on thick carpets since it does not have the raw power to require it out nor the accessories to loosen it up.

Accessories and Accessories

There are 2 accessories– a crevice and brush tool. Both can be saved within the charging system.

Pretty cool due to the fact that you do not need to try to find a location to save it, you simply clip it on therein.

Charging Time

The preliminary charge will take around 24 hours, after that it’ll take around 4 hours in subsequent charges.

Bear in mind that the battery cannot be thrown ut and in accordance with most laws it cannot be changed.

That’s part of the reason that Electrolux offered this a 2 year service warranty, if it breaks down anywhere within that time duration you can call them (1-800-896-9756) and request a replacement however after that duration though this basically ends something you need to fix yourself or you will need to buy a new one.

Filter Cleanup
To get rid of the filter, remove portable from the body then get rid of the front part of it to expose the butt of the filter.

Press on the 2 locks that hold it in location to get rid of the filter then empty the dirt from the container.

Now, this is the unpleasant part– you’ll have to utilize your fingers to remove any dirt that’s stuck on the mesh filter after that get rid of the fabric filter connected behind it.

You’ll see a that it has a lever that you can to pull and launch to get rid of the dirt– it’s comparable to shaking or tapping it on something to remove anything sticking on it.

Both mesh and fabric filters are washable, however, do not clean it in a dishwashing machine.

Battery Life

Anticipate anywhere from 10 to 21 minutes on a single charge.

If you just utilize the typical setting it must go the complete 30 minutes however at high speed, that number will drop anywhere in between 16 to 21minutes however that will depend upon whether you turn it on periodically or do not turn it off.


This can be found in with a 2 year guarantee.

See it in Action

An advertising video from Electrolux …

Electrolux Ergorapido Customer Reviews

With over 1000 evaluations and counting in Amazon, and more around online forums, youtube and other websites, we have a strong base of reality “testers” to provide us a report on how this item carried out in time, not simply when it was brand name brand-new however over a duration varying from a couple of weeks to a couple of years.


There is something all the excellent evaluations share– they utilized it either in bare floorings or in thin carpets.

Amongst the other positives that individuals like:

The swivel function that makes this simple to move.

Good battery life.

Charging station that enables them to save this vertically saving on space.

You can check out the rest of exactly what individuals liked and did not like in the link below.

See What Others are Saying

You will observe that there are likewise a variety of bad evaluations and the majority of these originated from individuals who aimed to utilize it on the carpet and didn’t get great outcomes since it wasn’t created for medium to thick carpets.

Others who offered low scores were customers who got lemons– batteries that broke down within the service warranty duration which need to be covered by the guarantee however still an inconvenience nevertheless.


This item is readily available in all significant retail outlets and through Electrolux also, however, the very best offer you can get is still through Amazon and exactly what makes it even much better is that you secure free shipping!

Electrolux Ergorapido Alternatives

As always at The Best Floor Clearners, we wouldn’t feel right just giving you one option for stick vacuums, so here are a couple more alternatives that might suit your needs better.  You can read our Full review of the Shark Rocket Light and the Bissell Multi Reach by clicking on the links.  If you want to see all of our top recommended stick vacuums you can see them here.


This item is excellent for …

For houses with mainly bare flooring or low stack carpets.

Owners of these kinds of houses will value the flexibility this item provides, you can utilize it not just on floorings however on other locations also– chair, couch, windows, and so on. You may not have the ability to reach the tight locations due to the fact that the accessories aren’t enough time.

If you prepare to utilize this on medium to a thick carpet, ignore it– the little wheels and low clearance make this difficult.

This isn’t really the very best tool to eliminate animal hair either, however, on bare floorings, it can manage it.

You’ll require a devoted family pet cleaner for it if you have a lot of animals in the house.

Likewise given that this is basically a hand vac pushed in an upright, it cannot take in much dirt– just around 13 ounces of it so after each usage you’ll need to clear it and clean the filter a minimum of when a week.

The battery is an issue long term due to the fact that it can not be changed– users will be depending on the service warranty to cover if it stops working within that duration.  That being said, the price is awesome for this stick.

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