Dyson DC39 Ball Review-Is It A Ball To Use?

The Dyson DC39 Ball is among the most effective cylinder vacuums in the market today– 280 air watts strong. Putting that in point of view, 280 air watts is as strong or more powerful than exactly what the majority of uprights produce. This permits it to get more than upright vacuums as you’ll see in the video listed below.

Yes, it costs more than other brand names however it is backed by a 5-year guarantee which is among the longest in the market. Efficiency on the carpet is likewise excellent based upon evaluations. Slim and surface appear terrific however there are a couple of problems that customers discovered that ideally, Dyson can enhance in future designs.

Exactly what are those concerns? Well, you’ll need to review this evaluation to learn.


Dyson ball innovation permits this to turn on a dime and avoids it from toppling.
Long guarantee
Filter is washable and does not have to be changed.
Despite the fact that it weighs 16 pounds, weight is equally dispersed.
Strong suction power– 280 air watts.
Good sized dirt cup.
Has a storage for accessories.
Beater bar can be shut off to avoid scratching costly wood surface areas.
Control for the brush roll lies on the manage so there is no have to flex down when you shift from bare flooring to carpet or vice versa.


Among the most costly container cleaners in the market.
Dirt and dust will get stuck in between the nooks and crannies of the dirt cup so you’ll have to utilize your fingers to clear it.
The plastic that holds the accessories feels lightweight.
Big dirt cup might not on little trash bins making clearing a bit messier.
No power switch on the deal with.
Can have a hard time cleansing luxurious carpet or carpets.
Large– you have to clean up some area to keep this.
Beater bar does not have a motor.
Functions of this Dyson container:.
Unlike other cylinder vacuums that utilize 2 fixed wheels and one caster wheel for steering, the DC39 utilizes the so-called “Ball innovation” that generally enables this to turn on a penny without the danger of toppling.

To filter dirt it utilizes its trademarked root cyclone innovation that inning accordance with Dyson avoids irritants from returning out.

The filter is washable and does not have to be changed. This is a huge cost saving in regards to not needing to purchasing replacements.

Functions of The Dyson DC39 Ball

Here are the functions:

Utilizes Dyson’s trademarked root cyclone innovation that avoids great allergic reaction triggering dust from returning out.
Ball innovation enables this to turn on a cent without toppling.
Flooring tool is geared up with a brush roll (air powered) that can be switched on or off with a trigger situated on the deal with.
The filthy cup is simple to clear with a push of a button.
5-year guarantee.
The motor produces 280 air watts of suction.
Accessories consist of the mix crevice and brush tool and a stair tool (without the brush)– both can be kept on the vacuum.

Bare Floor Performance
The strong suction integrated with the brush roll makes this a fantastic cleaner on bare flooring surface areas. If you are worried that the brush roll scratching your floorings, you can turn it off and utilize just suction to get dirt.

For cleaning up bigger pieces of dirt, you can utilize the crevice tool to clean them up.

Remember that the telescopic wand is adjustable so you can move it in the most affordable setting and tidy the stairs with it.

Carpet Performance
You’ll see in the video later how well this detects carpet after it currently has actually been cleaned up by an upright vacuum.

A huge factor for this is the strong 200 air watt suction that the digital motor produces. Bear in mind that the beater bar is air powered that make it less efficient as a deep cleaner.

It likewise permits it to deep tidy abrasive dirt like sand beneath the fibers of carpet that when left un-cleaned can tear the base of the carpet gradually.

Likewise cleaning up carpeted stairs must not be an issue due to the fact that like exactly what I’ve stated earlier the telescopic wand is adjustable and you can utilize the most affordable setting to make stair cleansing simpler.

Upholstery Performance
The DC39 does not have any customized tool to utilize on upholstery so you’ll need to count on the mix crevice/ cleaning brush tool.

The DC39 animal would be much better geared up to tidy upholstery since it includes the tangle-free turbine tool that is developed for this job.

The latter is a little less effective producing just 275 air watts compared with the 280 of this one, however, it is more affordable– on Amazon.

Animal Hair Removal
On carpet, it needs to do a respectable task due to the fact that of the large suction power, however, the absence of a motor to power the beater bar sets it back a bit in deep cleansing animal hair.

On other locations like upholstery, it might have a hard time since it does not have any customized tool like the one discovered in the DC39 animal for the job.

If you have family pets the Animal would be a much better alternative.

One note though about the brush roll, you’ll need to frequently examine if there is hair covered about it and make certain to eliminate them so that it does not obstruct.

Accessories and Accessories
It includes just 2– the mix crevice/ cleaning brush and stair tool. Both can be saved on the vacuum.

Keep in mind that the stair tool does not have any motorized brush, it is just developed to upset then suction will get chilled out dirt.

Cable Length
The power cable is at a generous 21.7 feet, which is quite wish for a container vacuum and it has cable rewind so it conserves you time due to the fact that you do not have to clean up the cables after utilizing this.

Filter Clean up
The filter lies in the middle of the dirt cup and it looks much like the DC59. To access this, all you have to do is twist then pull it out.

Dyson suggests that you clean it as soon as a month, however, there is no have to change the filter throughout the life of the vacuum.

Remember that this does not have any HEPA purification. If you have an allergic reaction you might need to take a look at a bagged container.

Service warranty
Dyson offers a generous 5-year guarantee on the parts and labor.

This is a video about a customer screening the DC39 for the very first time, revealing the functions and evaluating it on a carpet that was simply cleaned up by an upright vacuum.

He found some perspective problems with concerns to the accessory holder and telescopic wand holder to completion of the video, make certain to enjoy it from starting to end to understand exactly what it is.

Dyson DC39 Consumer Reviews

The absence of a motor for the brush roll impacts its efficiency on the carpet and this is shown in the evaluations. Considering this item costs over $300, that’s a huge con. Hopefully, Dyson will include a motor in future releases.

It stands out on bare flooring surface areas like difficult wood or tile. In one evaluation, a customer mentioned that it got dirt even on the grooves of the tiled flooring where it is usually though to tidy utilizing vacuums that have weaker suction.

On video evaluations like the ones I shared above, it did get significant about of dust, sand and family pet hair even on a carpet that was formerly cleaned up by an upright, however, bear in mind the carpet you see in the videos are low to medium stack.

One function not discussed by Dyson that is excellent to have is the “time out” switch that permits you to take out things like socks that the flooring tool might unintentionally “get” sense of the strong suction.

You’ll likewise discover that the door of the dirt cup isn’t really flat however tapered so when you clear this a few of the dirt might get caught in this location, not a huge offer however it makes it a little bit messier to tidy up.

Other problems consist of the blocking of the beater bar if you’re cleaning up a great deal of animal hair. You’ll need to clean up the brush roll frequently, however, all vacuums geared up with such will need the exact same upkeep regimen.

In general, this is a terrific cleaner on bare flooring and low to medium stack carpet that battles with thick carpet/ carpets. Regardless of the Dyson name, there are likewise a couple of unexpected problems about the plastics being lightweight.

See What Others Are Saying

Dyson DC39 Competition

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This container vacuum would be fantastic for individuals who want to invest and desire a cleaner that will clean up medium to big sized houses well.

Whether your house is geared up with bare flooring or low to medium carpet it must not be an issue for this due to the fact that it is geared up with a brush roll and has great deals of suction power (280 air watts).

It might have a hard time to tidy luxurious carpet based upon customer evaluations due to the fact that of the little beater ba, however, it must succeed on thinner stack carpet.

Stair cleansing is another pro due to the fact that it is light enough that you can get and rest on the actions plus the telescopic wand is adjustable which enable faster cleansing times.

The ball function is a great add-on that makes this extremely maneuverable and practically topple-proof when you pull the hose pipe.

Transitioning from bare flooring to carpet need to not be an issue since of the brush roll control situated on the deal with– you do not have to flex over simply to switch on the brush roll.

The dirt cup is quite huge at half a gallon so you will not have to clear this extremely frequently however it is large so you might have to purchase a bigger trash bin (if you do not have one) to make clearing this a little less messy.

In general, this is an excellent cleaner (with some constraints) supported by a long service warranty, though a bit costly however for those who can manage it, it is a great financial investment.

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