Do You Really Need a Robot Vacuum?

Clean quicker with robvacsShort response? No. Well … maybe. It really depends.  Robot vacuum cleaners are in vogue. These adorable little cleansing devices have captured the popular imagination in a way that no other home appliances have, it’s not difficult to see why. To see our reviews, please scroll to the bottom of the page. From Rosie, the robot maid to R2-D2 flicks as well as TV shows has actually been marketing us the image of the personal robot homemaker for decades. While it is not a homemaker, it is a home helper. And also that wouldn’t want a tool that assures to maintain floors tidy with no considerable effort? You could be wondering, “why should I get a robot vacuum?” However, before you drop the money on a self-aware sweeper, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

Do you like automation?

Robots are made to make our lives easier.  These little guys can help keep everything in clean order with less work on your part.  Are they the end all be all in clean floors?  NO, but they do help keep up with everything.

Are you literally not able to vacuum your home?

For those with impairments or those that are also frail to run an upright or canister vacuum, a robot vacuum can be a genuine blessing. With minimal effort on the component of the owner, robot vacuums could assist maintain dust and dust in check and supply a greater degree of self-reliance in the house.

Do you have wood floors or short carpets?

Robot vacuum cleaners work best on hard surface areas as well as shorter carpeting sizes– anything less than an inch thick. Thick carpet is generally too thick for robot vacuum cleaners’ tiny wheels to pass through. And also, every time your vacuum gets stuck like a turtle on its back, you have to reset it.  Of course, there are no issues with hardwood floors or tile floors. Robot vacuums are good for small apartments

Do you have a small house or studio?

Robot vacuum cleaners typically aren’t truly built to manage huge homes, as well as until iRobot establishes a flying Roomba, multi-story homes are typically off limits. Sure you could get one for every room in the house. However, if you live in a studio or a one-bedroom house, a robot vacuum could be a wonderful means to maintain your home neat and clean. When you start adding extra areas right into the mix, the price of running a robot vacuum begins to escalate. With the exception of the costly Roombas, many robot vacuums could just properly cleanse a single room. A robo vacs can be readied to clean added rooms with the usage of an iRobot Lighthouse (offered separately), which serves as a homing beacon, however, most of the robot vacs will obtain lost if they stray too far from home.

Are you getting it to maintain your carpets?

Robot vacuums have entered their own as maintenance devices. Think of them as assistance troops in the war on dirt. Having a robot vac programmed to provide your flooring a once-over on a daily basis makes an appropriate cleaning on the weekend that a lot easier. In fact, the easy reality of the matter is that robot vacuum cleaners are made with this usage in mind.

Do you have animals?

If you have felines or pet dogs, you know how much of a problem it can be to keep their hair controlled. A robot vacuum will certainly save you a great deal of time in this division just not for the couch.  Still, robot vacs have little dust receptacles that could get clogged if your animal is a shedding beast.

If you are not really into the idea of a robot vacuum, then maybe you want to take a look at uprights, stick, or canister vacuums.  Furthermore, if you are looking for something for a deeper clean then you might want to see our page on Steam Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners.

Below are some robo vacs that you can find on Amazon.  If we have our full review completed just click the individual links and you can read more about them.

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