The more years pass, the more it looks like Miele is incapable of making a bad canister vacuum. We’ve had the satisfaction of utilizing a variety of exceptional Mieles in more than a years of carpet and wood flooring cleansing, and they’ve hardly ever let us down. Nowadays, we’ve been taking the Compact C2 line to tasks needing flooring care, and we just recently examined the Compact C2 Onyx and Quartz. Both carried out very well, however the Onyx pulled ahead due to its devoted brush heads. Today we’ll have a look at the 2 greater end Compact C2s, the Compact C2 Electro+ and Compact C2 Topaz canisters, each which includes luxury independent brush heads, in order to identify which does a much better task on both carpets and wood floorings. If you’re in a rush and prepared to purchase, we’ll let you in on a trick: the 2 vacuums are practically precisely alike; one simply costs a lot less (the Electro+) since it’s prospering the other (the Topaz). As an outcome, we advise the Compact C2 Electro+, and you can purchase it here.

Pros, Cons, and Key Features of the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum Cleaner (SDCE0).

From start we understood we ‘d stumbled onto something unique with the Electro+. Similar to the Compact C2 Onyx, it featured the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Brush, which implied we weren’t going to invest any quantity of time bossing around dust and dirt on wood floorings rather of really drawing it up and carrying on to the next task. It likewise suggested that we weren’t going to run the risk of harmful wood floorings no matter how fragile they were, as might in some cases accompany more “energetic” brush heads. To puts it simply, this was a vacuum that might deal with any sort of smooth floor covering, and manage it with ease. Nevertheless, that wasn’t where things ended. As kept in mind above, there are 2 independent brush heads with the Electro+ and Topaz. So exactly what’s the 2nd?

It’s the Electro Comfort electro brush; the SEB 217-3, to be particular. This is completely excessive to state, however, the long and brief of it is that it’s an electrically-driven brush head that turns any Miele efficient in owning it into a Miele efficient in dealing with both low- and medium-pile carpets and carpets with ease. Think about it like the Turbo brush on steroids (or given that steroids are bad, on a healthy diet plan of natural, farm-raised, free-range cleansing enhancers). We didn’t experience any doubt or entanglement with low-pile or medium-pile carpets, and it was nearly as simple to clean them as it was to utilize the Parquet head on a smooth floor covering. It was likewise substantially smoother and needed fewer passes to clear out pet discolorations (believe pet urine, feline vomit, canine vomit, and feline urine– all blended together in some weird territorial dance) and human spots (the drinking kind, the consuming kind, the toddler-sick-from-daycare kind). To put it merely, we were pleased. More than pleased; this is the very best vacuum we’ve examined under $1,000 for wood floorings, low-pile carpets, and medium-pile carpets.

Naturally, the Electro+ shared the winning functions of its lower-end Compact C2 brother or sisters, consisting of the 33-foot operating radius, an AirClean system (we especially valued the consisted of HEPA filter), 1,200 watts of power, an AirClean sealed system (to minimize irritant dispersion), and a silence mode amongst the 6 settings. The basic 3 devices– the crevice nozzle, the upholstery tool, and the cleaning brush– were likewise consisted of. On top of all this, we likewise liked that the deal with the grip on completion of the telescoping wand included controls for the electro brush, conserving us the have to reach down to the brush visit make modifications. In general, it left us with a really favorable impression of the Miele brand name in basic and of the Topaz in specific.

With as much as the Electro+ given the table, we pictured it may be tough for the Topaz to contend, however, contend it did, and very well. Instead of playing the basic video game of removing essential functions from the next-tier design in order to up offer the purchaser, Miele really chose to consist of both the Parquet head and the Electro brush head in the Topaz. In truth, almost whatever in the Electro+ was likewise in the Topaz. Why? Since they’re practically precisely the very same vacuum.

We didn’t think it, in the beginning, however after analyzing both vacuums in information, we recognized they looked practically precisely the very same (great), they cleaned up in practically the very same method (extremely well), and they had almost similar design numbers (the Electro+’s number is advanced). We then went and called Miele and they verified it with us from Germany. The Electro+ is the follower to the Topaz, much in the exact same method that the Classic C1 Olympus was successful the S2121.

In reality, the only distinctions we might recognize in between the 2 designs besides things like names and design numbers were rate and weight. Particularly, the Topaz inexplicably costs substantially more than the Electro+ regardless of being the older comparable design; we believe this is since the Topaz is gradually ending up being more difficult to discover due to being stopped, however, we’re not totally sure yet. Exactly what we ensure is that the 2 vacuums included the very same functions and tidy the exact same method, however one expenses a lot more than the other.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that the Electro+ weighed considerably more than the Topaz at near to 19 pounds in the Elecro+ compared with a shade over 14 pounds in the Topaz. Thinking about that all the other Compact C2s weighed in at around 14 pounds on our scale, we’re not completely sure exactly what inside the Electro+ made it tip the scales, however, it’s something to remember, as it did make a substantial distinction when carrying the Electro+ up and down stairs.

In general, we liked the Topaz. We simply didn’t seem like paying more for it, so we chose the Electro+.

Miele Compact C2 Competition

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Is the Compact C2 Topaz Worth it Over the Compact C2 Electro+?

In a word, no. When it concerned worth, we felt that the Electro+ did basically whatever the Topaz did (other than for weighing less) while costing less. Because exactly what’s eventually crucial to us is cleaning up power, we could not validate spending for precisely the exact same levels of performance. That stated, we discovered it difficult to grumble about the Topaz and quickly ranked it as one of the 2 finest canister vacuums under $1,000. It did an outstanding task in almost every environment; we simply felt the Electro+ did the very same things for less loan. That stated, if weight is a deal-breaker for you, you’ll wish to highly think about the Topaz, as it did weigh considerably less.

You can purchase the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ here on Amazon. You can purchase the Miele Compact C2 Topaz here on Amazon.

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