bObsweep Review vs Roomba 780 Review. Did Bob Sweep the competition?

For many years home owners envied the Jetson Family as they had their own Rosie to clean up after them. While modern technology is still a bit away from an all-in-one device that chefs our dishes, folds our laundry, and splits wise all at the same time, the robotic vacuums have shown to be a tiny slice of comfort. These robovacs have actually proven to be really efficient at sucking up particles in limited corners and also their intelligent shows for the many components avoids them from continuously banging right into a wall surface as if they had also lots of robo-cocktails. Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

Two of the well-known robotic vacuum cleaners on the market are the bObsweep Pet Rogue as well as the Roomba 780. Both have different functions that entice them to a home owner however set them apart from each other. If you’re in the marketplace for programmable hoover to lastly obtain some aid around your house with the jobs, right here’s some info to help you choose:

Roomba 780 Review

The Bobsweep is a Canadian robotic vacuum that turned into one of the initial to provide not only sweeping but additionally wiping features. The Bobsweep flaunts the largest brush in the robotic vacuum industry so it covers a larger cleaning location in each pass. The Bobsweep model just like the Roomba is made for pet fans, eliminating mostly all the hair off of rugs, wood floors, and so on. Naturally, dander still stays on sofas and also furnishings yet the bObsweep does its finest to reduce the irritants.

The bObsweep features a lot of the sector common functions that make it one of the very best selling robot vacuums on the marketplace. Infrared modern technologies enable Bob to browse around spaces, avoiding chairs and also various other barriers. The Bob could move from room to space, recognizing adjustments from hardwood to a rug and adjusting as essential. House owners need not bother with the Bob dropping actions or off overhangs as the sensors assist protect against that as well, hence safeguarding the financial investment.

bObsweep’s Trademarks

There are 2 main points that establish the bObsweep aside from various another robot vacuums on the market. To begin with is the capability to vacuum, sweep, as well as mop a flooring all at once. There is a little pad that the customer obtains wet to promptly wipe the area as the bObsweep grabs particles from it. This feature works wonderfully in the kitchen area or bathroom floors once the programs are established. The bObsweep can be set up to run 7 days a week, with different programs for each and every day.

The 2nd attribute that makes the bObsweep attracting over its competitors is a larger dust container capacity. Among the major complaints from Roomba, proprietors are the frequency where the vacuum cleaner should be cleared. The bObsweep includes an industry-leading 1-liter bin that makes sure multiple cleaning jobs could be completed without ending up being over filled.

Various other bObsweep Quirks

Among the truly cool points regarding the bObsweep vacuum cleaner is its capacity to inform when it obtains tired. The bObsweep could recognize the distance had to return to its charging station and also will instantly going there before the battery drains pipes. The gadget re-energizes and goings back out guaranteeing that no tasks for the day stay unfinished. The Bobsweep additionally showcases a push-button control to ensure that it could be aimed in the best instructions if it loses its means, one of the significant complaints of the very early robot vacuums.

Customer Complaints About bObsweep

There are a few unique complaints about bObsweep from a variety of its individuals. The very first is exactly what’s regarded as a style flaw because the dustbin has to be cleared each time whereas individuals would certainly rather have a bag that could be gotten rid of, thrown out as well as replaced to stay clear of allergen exposure.

The various other primary issue is with darkly tinted carpets. The bObsweep infrared technologies do not grab these also and the tool has to be equipped with unique blinders for the sensing units to work. There are likewise some agitations concerning the shows yet that might be from the same individuals whose VCR has blinked “12:00” considering that 1987.

Roomba 780 Vs. bObsweep Head to Head

bObsweep vs Roomba

Both the Roomba 780 as well as the bObsweep execute the very same standard features in the very same manners. They make use of infrared sensors to travel a space in a seemingly arbitrary pattern while corralling dust and also sweeping it up. Both have side-swiping brushes that permit cleaning up along walls and also in tight areas and expense about the same.

There are a few points that establish the versions besides each other, generally the bObsweep’s capability to mop and sanitize a flooring along with sweeping it. Some individuals locate this as an unneeded attribute though as a unique configuration of dipping a pad in a liquid is had to take part in the damp mopping. Dimension also matters in the Bobsweep as it has a much larger cleaning brush as well as a larger dust bin compared to the Roomba. One location where the Roomba 780 excels, however, is grabbing pet dog hair. The Roomba has actually brushes developed for this whereas bObsweep features a product developed just for this, the bObsweep Pet Rogue which costs an additional $50-$ 75.

To be straightforward both products do appropriately sufficient as a robotic vacuum cleaner should. I such as the Roomba 780 a little bit much more in regards to integrity and proven outcomes. Customers need to keep in mind that no robovac will ever give a relative tidy to an upright vacuum nor should it be expected to. The technology– while established– is still improving a month-to-month basis. Now, robotic vacuum cleaners master the day to day upkeep of crumbs as well as dust mites and ought to be purchased primarily as an accessory to the extra effective standing vacs.

It could be a bit hit or miss out on to locate the traditional bObsweep for a reasonable cost. It has the tendency to run out of stock promptly at most significant merchants. They do sometimes run promotions on Groupon and also similar websites, yet– once again– it’s hit-or-miss. Amazon did lately begin listing them at here. Nevertheless, it’s typically selling quickly. You could currently find the Bobi and also Bobsweep on much less than what the initial market price was.

With the release of the Roomba 800 collection, the differences in between the Bobsweep vs Roomba have only ended up being a lot more clear. You can review my full testimonial of the leading end Roomba 880 below, however, the key improvements include 1) 50% more effective cleaning system, 2) a larger dust bin, as well as, 3) quieter operation (easy to rest via and also won’t terrify your dog!). The factor about the dustbin is necessary since it was my primary complaint with the Roomba 780 vs Bobsweep when I initially wrote this write-up. The major downside? It’s much more expensive. However, they’ve just recently decreased the cost. If you get on a budget then the Bobsweep might be your only choice due to this cost disparity.

Guess exactly what? iRobot released their brand-new Roomba 980. In my humble opinion, it’s the finest robot vacuum presently on the marketplace. However, it’s cost rather darn high! It’s not necessarily the most effective worth loved one to the rate. The core attraction of it is that you can currently control your Roomba by means of a Web App Enabled gadget. So, you can start, quit, and monitor your Roomba from the workplace or any type of remote location with WiFi. If you are tempted, please examine out my full review of it.

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Which One Would I Buy Today?

On the whole, both tiny vacuums do their work, it’s simply that customers require remembering they’re not managing Rosie the smart-mouthed robot maid from the Jetsons. Bobsweep isn’t negative, however, it’s not as much as the performance of the Roomba. On functions alone, it resembles the Bobsweep is much better, yet the reality remains in the outcomes as well as reliability. If this is your first experience with robotic vacuums, I would definitely stick to the established record of the Roomba 780. iRobot has a lot longer record of positive testimonials, a solid user area, a far better market for substitute parts, as well as much better client support overall. However, I additionally possess a Bobsweep as well as would not fault anyone for going that course.

The Roomba 780 is a little bit harder to find these days. For the price, I really prefer the more recent Roomba 891. It is a bit a lot more maintenance free and also has somewhat better suction, however, is actually cheaper than the 780.


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