A Review of the Braava Jet 240 Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot could be best recognized for their robotic vacuums, yet they likewise have a strong lineup of flooring mopping robotics as well. While the robotic vacuum area is pretty crowded with brand-new brand names and also designs, iRobot really runs away with the flooring wiping classification. Click here to see some of our other robovac recommendations. 

You probably wonder regarding the Braava Jet 240 flooring mopping robot as well as how it stacks up to its precursors. In this iRobot Braava Jet 240 evaluation, I will certainly go into the essential new functions in addition to how it varies from both previous Braava’s and the Scooba line from iRobot.

So, allow us to get going with the core features …

Core Features of the Braava Jet 240

Right here are a few of the essential features worth noting. See the “New” tag to see just what’s been improved.

NEW 3 Distinct Cleaning Modes: New for the Braava Jet are 3 unique settings of cleaning. This is a significant renovation over the Braava 380/320 which has just 2 distinctive modes. The new modes are:
1) completely dry sweeping for gathering dirt as well as dirt,
2) damp mopping for deep cleaning with water as well as cleaning solution, as well as
3) “wet” cleaning setting utilizing much less water for a gentle clean (restricting damage to hardwood floors, if you are interested in this).

Different Cleanings Pads: Along with the three different modes, you have three different cleaning pads designed especially for each and every task. This assists to maximize efficiency and also general cleaning high quality.
NEW Precision Jet Spray: The older Braava 300 collection uses the “pro-clean” system, while the Braava Jet has a precision jet spray head (therefore the name) and also a shaking cleaning head. You could see listed below for an example.

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Fully Automated: The Braava Jet– like it’s precursors– utilizes trademarked technology to browse the area as well as track progress. Bumpers will subtly indicate where things are and aid browse also a lot more complex layout.

Onboard Virtual Wall: This is a fascinating advancement for iRobot. While the older 300 collections Braava’s connected to an outside virtual wall surface tool (separate equipment), the 240 Jet has straightforward online wall surface technology developed right into the gadget. All you need to do is press a switch as well as the Jet will certainly produce an invisible obstacle behind it, meaning that it will not go past that line on its route to and fro (i.e. “online wall surface”). This virtual barrier mode is optimal for cleaning smaller locations like bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Design: The first point you will observe is the brand-new layout which differs dramatically from the 380 and also 320 versions. It is a little bit bulkier (height), but comes with an ergonomic manage to quickly transport the device around your residence.

Braava Jet 240 Advantages and Disadvantages

There are certainly some Pros and also Cons to think about with the Braava Jet. Below are several of the crucial ones:


Much better for Hardwood Floors: This is a big offer for me due to the fact that about 70% of my house is wood. In the past, I would certainly use my robot sponges sparingly so as not to oversaturate. The “damp” wipe cleaning mode is the best remedy for this troubles. It’s additionally a smart step for iRobot because wood floors are a growing fad for brand-new residences and also remodel.

More Efficient Clean: It’s a refined difference, yet the Braava Jet does tidy slightly much better than the Braava 300 collection. It took me a couple of runs contrasting them side-by-side, yet it appears the Jet’s spraying out front technique is a little bit much more thorough. The caveat is that it covers much less region.

Structured Area Control: While it could cleanse much less area, the Jet does not count on external equipment for “online wall” obstacles. This is a convenient trade-off for the smaller cleansing area and less mess for your residence.

Silent Operation: In contrast to the louder robotic vacuum relatives, the Braava 240 goes concerning it’s mopping routine silently. Actually, I rarely saw it from across space unless I was particularly paying attention for the telltale squirts of water as it relocated throughout the kitchen ceramic tiles.

Attractive Price: This is most likely the initial thing that you will certainly see. The Braava Jet is priced even more magnificently compared to predecessors. The Jet 240 is targeting beginning robot mop customers. This is clearly cheaper compared to the Braava 380. iRobot is most likely making a tactical relocation here too. The adoption price for their robot “Roomba” vacuums is a lot greater (vacuuming is more of a “pain” most likely) and they are most likely trying to transform these customers right into mop bot individuals too.


Small Effective Range: With the objective of cleaning up less, much better, the Jet has a substantially smaller sized efficient array compared to the Braava 380. You’ll obtain around 200 square feet (max) vs 300-1000 for the 380 (much more with extra navigation cubes). Provided, you’ll probably have cleaner floors.

Replaceable Pads Add Up: This may be the hidden money manufacturer for iRobot. A pack of 10 pads is readied to retail for $7.99, yet you will certainly require separate pads for each and every cleaning mode (they are made in a different way) and also will certainly have to replace after each usage (like a Swiffer mop). Fortunately? You could purchase the costs microfiber pads that iRobot sells which can be washed as well as recycled. All Braava’s are additionally suitable with many less costly changeable cleaning pads (generics like Swiffer).

Cannot Focus on Problem Areas: One of the functions I love concerning my Roomba’s is their ability to discover specifically unclean spots as well as make use of the relentless pass innovation to the deep cleaning vacuum. The Braava Jet does not have this capability and also is meant to cleanse each square foot evenly.

Braava Jet Alternatives

There are a couple of different flooring wiping alternatives around. Specifically, it’s practical to look at the brand-new Braava Jet vs the Braava 380 and 320. In enhancement, you may wish to upgrade to a totally featured deep rubbing wipe with the Scooba series.

Braava 300 Series— The 320 and 380 are 2 of the Jet’s older siblings, having actually gotten on the marketplace for a couple years currently. It looks like though the Jet has actually effectively replaced the 320 as the lower priced offering, but there are still plenty of reasons to consider updating to the Braava 380t.

An essential attribute is limit efficient variety. You’ll get at least 1000 square feet of dry sweeping and 350 square feet of mopping. That’s over double the ability of the Braava Jet. An additional tiny benefit is the capacity to pause/resume the Bravaa380 mid clean.

The disadvantage? The 380t only has 2 modes (mop or move, no moist sweep) and also does not have the brand-new precision jet spray system. This is the primary distinction when contrasting the Braava 240 Jet vs 380t. It’s likewise around $100 more, yet examine this listing for deals.

Scooba 390— The Scooba 390 series mimics a true mop extra very closely. Th Braava is meant as a Swiffer type automated option. You can look into my complete evaluation below, however here are a few of the highlights …

The Scooba is only indicated for wiping (not completely dry or moist clean), but it’s able to cycle clean water (not the exact same old dirty water) in either 20 or 45-minute interval. For navigation, you’ll be using the exact same system as the older Roomba’s i.e. online walls. It’s likewise a little bit older, so you could locate it for a discount here relative to the 450.

Scooba 450— The 450 is the most up to date Scooba with one of the most current innovation for area navigating as well as deep cleansing. It’s the most pricey wiping service, but also one of one of the most full. See the price of the Scooba 450 here.

The 450 includes some added innovative navigating innovation and also a 3-cycle cleaning system (an action up from the 390). In contrast to the Braava’s, it’s more of a deep rubbing vs Swiffer impact. Nevertheless, it is the most costly alternative of the mops. Examine this listing for any type of discount rates.

UPDATE: While you can still discover the Scooba in specific stores, it has actually successfully been discontinued by iRobot removals ahead. Both wiping choices continue to be the Braava 240 Jet and the 380t.

Braava Jet vs “All in One” Vacuum/Mops

It could be alluring to try to purchase an “done in one” vacuum cleaner and also mop option rather of a separate mop bot as well as vacuum cleaner robot. Doing so would be a blunder. While it sounds great in theory, the technology is simply not there yet. The existing scenario is that crossbreeds that try to do both normally finish up doing both jobs, however even worse.

There are absolutely a few alternatives available, consisting of the Moneual H67 as well as the Bobsweep 2 in 1 robot (see my review). They are decent maintenance cleaners for both modes (Bobsweep is actually competitive for vacuuming), yet not comparable to the iRobot bots sold individually.

The last Take– Are There Enough Features?

Initially, I was a little bit amazed that iRobot would release a new wipe. Just how could they actually improve the existing Braava’s? I have to claim, I was happily stunned.

The new adjustments could not seem like much, however, they are cumulatively fairly engaging.

1) reduced price point. Examine! I like it. 2) a lot more reliable cleansing. Check! I like it. 3) “damp” mop setting. Inspect! I like it.

Bottom Line: If you were putting off buying a robot mop due to the fact that A) you really did not think you really required it or B) thought it was overpriced, currently is your time to get.

Right now you can still find the Braava 240 as listed below.

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